Coin-coin (two wedges)

A project log for How to use an aerial 36 inches lens

the different steps involved to shoot with an aerial photographic (enormous) lens when you don't have the airplane to hold it

zit-olivier-gade[zit] Olivier Gade 05/31/2022 at 17:040 Comments

After a release, it slipped nearly 5 mm.

The blind is slipping, even with the screw completely tighten, the shock of the shutter release mechanism is too strong, so some wedges are necessary.

This very soft aluminium recuit (annealed) is really easy to bend.

But adjustment is not simple at all, and it's absolutely necessary that the shutter speed change do not affect the framing of the picture, it must be easy to do and fast.

A pair of coins (wedges) are made with the help of the vise with that mellow aluminium, the sharp end is thinner than half of the thickness of the material.

After a try, no move, the design is validated.

Some more of the nice sintered parts are used to have a good grip : it's wedges, so it's hard to put in place, and its good to have a lever to take it off.

The first uses of the screw had the skin of my finger tips completely worn : some rounding, softening is necessary. Rond File.


A moment in the M 6 die to have perfect entrance.

I don't want to loose those wedges, after unsuccessful search for some very small bungee strings, I finally chose to make a string out of that enameled steel wire, it's very strong (hard to brake) and very soft (easy to bend).

Tresser, c'est facile ! (weaving is easy !), Never done that before, but it's a gesture that's been done so many times by our ancestors, that I feel my body remembers their actions.

I didn't need so much of that stuff... next time, another use.