Reinforcing the build

A project log for How to use an aerial 36 inches lens

the different steps involved to shoot with an aerial photographic (enormous) lens when you don't have the airplane to hold it

zit-olivier-gade[zit] Olivier Gade 05/31/2022 at 17:390 Comments

Another of these 5 mm thick aluminium L is going to be used, cut in two halves.

The 2 mm square tube is too weak. That'll be stronger.

Drilling, taping, as you can see, stainless steel screws are used.

It's nice to have a big jaws vise on the bench.

M3 screws in an 5 mm thick plate, it'll do, but it was close to the disaster.

As the L shape are bigger than the 30 mm square tube, the alignement with the rear part of the build is perfect and easy now.