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A project log for WinDIY_2 - Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Another mostly 3D printed windturbine

fabianFabian 04/15/2022 at 09:540 Comments

After a little break I'm back at working on WinDIY_2.

So far I finished most parts of the CAD work. The design of the baldes was a bit challenging, because in contrast to WinDIY (the first version) I wanted to design the wings correctly this time. Correctly because in the previous design I used a blade design that was not tapered or in general adapted to the turbine.

This time I used the (free, huge thanks!) tool QBlade to adapt the design of the blade to the dimensions of WinDIY_2.

Below you can see some first impressions. :)

Beside of this I'm currently working on the hub controller PCB. Will post some infos about that in a seperate post. :)