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fabianFabian 04/30/2022 at 19:320 Comments

Why I believe a concept like WinDIY is needed to face current energy problems

I believe that in many countries the challenges of climate change and the associated transformation to a society based on renewable energies have been overslept.

“Not changing” was very convenient for a long time and only in recent years has it become increasingly clear to society that we need to change. For a long time it was thought that "a little" adjustment would be enough. And actually only under the condition that personal energy consumption can continue as before. Of course, the world shouldn't end, but nobody really want to adapt either.

Unfortunately, we are now seeing more and more that this did not work. In addition to massive bush fires in Australia, Russia and the USA, and even greater shortages of drinking water in African countries, "one time events" such as floods and temperature records are also occurring more and more often in more and more regions of the world.

So it is scientific proven that we have to do something. Unfortunately not only that. It is also visible that we have already waited almost too long to start the change. After the problems of increasing global warming have been talked about for a long time, climate change is no longer a repressible luxury problem.

In the meantime, politicians have also understood this (also due to elections and the changes in the governing parties as a result) and have begun to make plans. For example, the German government recently decided to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy mix to 80% by 2030. The responsible Minister "Robert Habeck" says himself that this is "mega ambitious". In order for this to succeed, we face several major challenges.

One thing is clear: We need decentralized energy production through wind and solar parks that are set up where it is possible. Not really a big challenge if you started early enough. Unfortunately we have not done that.

Wind and solar parks now have to be planned under great time pressure, developed if necessary and then also built by specialists. This is where another limiting factor comes into play: skilled workers and production facilities. The people on earth can only build as many wind and solar parks as they can produce parts for and/or have skilled personnel to put them into operation. 

Planned development of renewable energy production in germany
In the top diagram you can see the planned development of wind power until 2030 in germany. Source:

This problem will intensify as soon as the installation of wind and solar farms starts globally all over the world. Think back to the time when facemasks were needed all over the world and an unnoticed dime article became an overpriced global luxury item overnight.

So what do we do if there is also a production shortage of renewable energy technology in the near future?

I believe the solution to the necessary transformation is not just the decentralized production of renewable energy. I believe it also consists of being able to produce the necessary technology in a decentralized manner.

I believe a lot of people want to help fight climate change. At the same time, they also feel helpless because they don't know how to help effectively. With concepts like WinDIY (or printon_turbine), everyone could help to transform the energy production of our society to a better one.

So it is no longer just experts who can effectively fight climate change. We all could.