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ESP32 based data-logger for 9-Axis Accelerometer and Pressure

mirkoMirko 06/08/2023 at 07:450 Comments

I eagerly put my one and only device to the ultimate test in the vast expanse of the outside world! Armed with my newfound knowledge of FreeCAD, I took on the challenge of crafting a case using resin (with JLCPCB). Although it was my inaugural attempt, the case didn't fit flawlessly, but it was an encouraging first try. Fortunately, the attachment with the Wahoo connector functioned perfectly.

However, a slight hiccup awaited me when it came to the device itself. It seemed to struggle with writing an ample amount of data onto the SD-Card, likely due to a code error that eluded my initial scrutiny. Nevertheless, encountering such a setback was not entirely unexpected, considering the complexity of the task at hand. It's now imperative for me to delve back into the code and meticulously analyze the situation to identify and rectify the issue.


Note: the text above was written with ChatGPT because I am terrible in writing texts myself. No idea where this tool is getting all this fancy words from haha