[R] Polar molecules

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The best of resin with the best of filament; is such a 3D printer possible?

kelvinAkelvinA 08/18/2022 at 12:520 Comments

Before I get ahead of myself, I just wanted to quickly confirm what molecules are polar and if they can be part of the chemical mixture of resin. 


Water and ethanol sound like likely candidates.

This means that I can use the negative ion generator modules I found across Ebay and AliExpress.

I wanted to calculate how much electromotive force (aka voltage) I'd need to wrip-n-tear excess resin (aka finding the force exerted on a molecule of resin and seeing if it's greater than the surface tension) but it's seems that it gets really mathematically intense really quickly. Thus I've just gone for the -2 - -6KV version over the -0.5 - -3.5KV generator. The other potential problem is that the LCD is within a few centimetres away from the charged plate, so I'd rather not have a higher voltage than necessary. Speaking of the charged plate, I'm wondering if turning it on whilst the resin is laminated onto the film would increase uniformity as if by negative gravity.
Now this sounds like a patent for me. Wow, environmentally friendly, nontoxic, based on water and alcohol (aka ethanol most likely) so this run could actually work. 

This research sounds good enough for my science. I just don't want a #Filament Furnace [gd0042] situation.