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The best of resin with the best of filament; is such a 3D printer possible?

kelvinAkelvinA 08/19/2022 at 23:330 Comments

You may be wondering why it sounds like I'm once again considering increasing this SecSavr Suspense lineup when I haven't even got a working prototype, but it shouldn't be that much of a design alteration since the idea is just to put a Y axis stage on the bed.

I've been considering this for >2 weeks I believe, and it stems from reading a post in one of the online spaces for DIY resin printers about someone wanting to make a 24" SLA printer. I've also seen instances of 15.6". The latter in an X only design can be done with an 8.9" LCD, but the 24" would be somewhat expensive, requiring 13" screens iirc. Uniformily coating the PET becomes more questionable the longer the Y axis, and there likely wouldn't even be an off the shelf scanner long to verify it. I've also been imagining some perfect, idealistic future where the printer is so good that I can print custom LED matricies for #T^2 Tiles [gd0095], but the PnP wouldn't be able to cover the entire area of the PCB.

The main drawback is that printing in 2 Y zones would take 2x the time. For things like the 260*260 mm LED matrix cover of the #T^2 Tiles [gd0095] where [ Z in current build volume] >> 2 * [ Z in Sizeable build volume], it makes 100% sense. I also worry that there'd be new things I want to print that would exceed the current build volume. Just like the goal of the #SecSavr Sublime [gd0036], I'd rather not have to design another printer further out in the future. There's also things like #Teti [gd0022] and #TetInventory [gd0039] that use the entire Z height for half the print anyway, so I just get the possibility to save on assembly time or being around to send another print job.

With the plummeting probability that I'd actually make the Sublime because of the Suspense, and the fact that I'd need to build the biggest printer to make sure it scales issue-free, I'm thinking of this as the new strategy:

Some othe quick things to mention:

  1. I might need a (thick) layer of insulating material on the surface of the print bed so that the aluminium doesn't affect the static pulling force of the Charge plate on the first few layers. The issue is that electrons from the surface of the aluminium would be repelled away, causing a positive charge on the plate. Polar molecules are attracted to all charges, so the resultant force on the resin would be reduced.
  2. The new Suspense and Suspense^2 can theoretically scan A4's now. The Suspense might even be able to stitch together an A3 scan. Wait, it could actually print those optimally now too! Hey, speaking of A4's and A3's, I could now have a build volume to compete with Ainsoprint's A3 Composer.
  3. This new lineup reminds me of the iPhone Pro Max / Pro / [Standard] / Mini.
  4. [11:55] I don't have much interest for laser cutting (and Klipper doesn't really support it), but the printer looks like a good candidate for safe laser use. It just needs a protective window material instead of the grey lexan, since things like locked doors, airtight-ness and ventilation are already things needed for safe resin use.

[11:55] The MGN9H is rated for 1.9kgf-m in the Y moment axis, and according to Fusion360, the mass of the new Suspense bed is 2.7kg for a 517 x 325mm bed for a Y axis of 320mm. (327.x mm is the max, so I could stretch for 325mm on a 330mm long bed.) At the extremes, the bed's centre of gravity would be 75.5mm from the rails, creating a moment of 0.2039 kgf-m which is well under the static force. I'm planning to use a thrust bearing between the star bolts and the printed bed holder so that the moment isn't transfered to the bolt and loosens it over time.