[Session 4] Finalising the box and the web page

A project log for Connected Trash Can

Device allowing people to see the filling of a trash can thanks to an LED, and sending the data to a website updating live

AntoineAntoine 05/12/2022 at 09:220 Comments

Today, we chost to spread the different tasks in the team to be more efficient. Since we only have three weeks left, we summarized the remaining part of the project and started working on them independantly.

- The modelisation of the box has been done on We had to find the measure the components to make them fit in, and we finally arrived to a design with two boxs, a big one of 100x150x45mm and  small one for the sensor of 47x22x18mm. So we finally ended up with those two files, that we will use to lasercut the box.

-  For the website, we kept coding the front part on HTML, to have a map of Paris and some icons to show if a trash can is empty (0-70%), nearly full (70-90%) or full (<90%).

- In order to start coding, we need to have the right wiring so we remade the wiring of the whole project to be sure we did not do any mistake. To link the raspberry pi to a network and work on the code, I'll see a friend of mine used to work on raspberry this week-end because we didn't manage to do it only by ourselves.