3D Printed hand-crank/gravity generator

Small (almost pocket size) DIY 3D printed generator.

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Are you in need of green, off-grid electric energy? I have a solution for you.
Small (almost pocket size) DIY 3D printed generator.
It can be used as a hand-crank generator OR you can change the rank with a spool attachment and use it as a gravity generator.

This generator utilizes a small NEMA 17 stepper motor and planetary gearbox with a ratio of 25:1 that is mounted directly on the NEMA 17 motor.
Thanks to this ratio we are able to do around 1500rpm.

Thanks to that RPM stepper motor can produce around 25-30V and about 700mA with no load.

I'm using two small bridge rectifiers up to 2A in parallel to get more current.

Then I connected the output from those rectifiers into a variable step-down DC to DC converter with a small voltmeter and USB female port.

This is just PoC / prototype for now, but it's usable and I'm planning to make it more mobile and with more tested attachments, outputs, and many more changes that I discover along with the RnD.

All used parts and electronics can be salvaged from broken printers, microwaves, laptops, and many others.

Components like bridge rectifiers, voltage converters, and USB ports are everywhere and with the small help of 3D printing, we can do these kinds of generators very easily.  

  • 1 × NEMA17 stepper motor (or any other stepper motor)
  • 2 × Bridge rectifier up to 1-2A
  • 1 × Step-down voltage regulator (in 4-30V, out 3,7-27V), or any other, depend what you need
  • 1 × USB-A female port
  • 1 × Small voltmeter 4-100V

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tywy wrote 08/06/2022 at 17:47 point

please make power from this

for example only for light and usb power

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