Unnamed Star Tracker thingie

Look I just want pretty astrophotos and kits cost so much ;-;

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That is the price tag to equip my telescope's mount with official motors - not even good ones! Just enough to jog them around a little with a dorky 4-way keypad, and to keep the Telescope rotating to equal out the earth's own motions.

I want more, and I am pretty sure I can make more happen. ESP32's for BLE are dirt cheap, and perhaps we can even use sensors like magnetic encoders and accellerometers to keep track of where the telescope is.
Hell, let's add a OLED panel to it for extra info, USB connection to let it talk to programs, and maybe even a small catalogue of objects in the sky?

The end goal is a telescope with a simple but useful interface, with features that help you explore the sky - stuff like pointing it roughly in the right direction of something interesting by hand, and having it automatically start tracking that nearby nebula or open cluster.

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