Mechanics first tests!

A project log for Affordable bionic prosthesis

This project aims to create an affordable lower limb prosthesis for above knee amputees using hobby grade components.

Maximiliano PalayMaximiliano Palay 06/11/2022 at 22:170 Comments

It's time to test the actuators in place! Although the movement was simulated in Fusion360, there's nothing like seeing the real deal.  Any problems with design or manufacturing could have affected the physical model. Some hand-powered movement tests were already performed to ensure the mechanism behaves properly. Now, let the motors power the mechanism.

This was performed using a python script and odrivetool, with a couple of set points that move the joints back and forth. You get some slow-mo as well!

It's evident on the higher speed tests that the noise level is quite high. Probably, this is due to the plastic structure resonating and actually amplifying the noise.

Some wiggle is noticeable on the slow-mo footage. This was improved with torquing the ball nut to the rotor assembly, so it had the same torque on all four attaching screws.

On to the proper control systems!