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In this project circuit, we will teach you making a best quality SMT led blinker circuit. It is a very cheap and nice looking SMT project circuit.

To make this circuit, we use only DC-3.7v. You also can use 18650 battery pack to make this circuit. Without this battery, you also can make this circuit, but make sure that the power supply don’t produce high ampere.

To making this SMT led project circuit, we are using some SMD components. You can order your assembled SMT circuit form JLCPCB. To order SMT PCBs Click here (

All components list have been given below –

Component List –

  1. Time IC – NE 555
  2. Resistor – 10 KΩ (103) and 20 KΩ (2002)
  3. Ceramic Capacitor – 10nf
  4. Electrolyte Capacitor – 2.2µf / 50v
  5. LED – 3v (20mA)
  6. Power Source – 3.7v

NE555 Pin Out -

NE555 timer IC is an integrated circuit used in a variety of timer. Derivatives provide two or four timing circuits in one package. There are totally 8 legs of a timer IC.

Its 8 legs pinout can be seen above -

  1. GND
  2. TRIG
  3. OUT
  4. RESET
  5. CONT
  6. THRES
  7. DISCH
  8. VCC

Feature of NE555 -

  1. Variety of Timer
  2. Delay Timer
  3. Pulse generation
  4. Oscillator Applications
  5. Lamp and LED flashers
  6. Logic clocks
  7. Tone generations
  8. Security alarms
  9. Position Modulation
  10. LED blinker

Schematics and PCB Design - 

The schematics of PCBs can be seen above.

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