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IoT button for pedestrian to push and signal the bus drivers of their intention to board the bus.

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We want to create a push button, to be installed in a bus stop. the button will be pushed when a user wants to take the bus. Once it's pushed a light will turn on indicating to the bus driver that a user wants to get into the bus. We will use an arduino to act as a compter for the number of times the button will be pressed, meaning the number of people that want to go into the bus and we will send that information to an app on the bus drivers' phone.

The button in the bus stop is a push button (in our case an arcade button) with a light integrated, that will light up once the button is pushed. This light is there to signal our user that his requested has been taken into account. At the same time a light will turn on  at the top of the bus stop indicating to the bus driver that a user wants to get into the bus. By using an arduino, we can count the nulber of time that button is pressed and by using the arduino extension the TTGO, we can send that number through a live feed to an app the bus drivers is using. This means the bus driver will know how many people wants to board the bus and at which station.

This could be developped to help any handicap users, to help regulate traffic during rush hours or transport strikes or even for remote areas where transport are less accessible to the public.

  • 1 × Arcade button
  • 1 × arduino
  • 1 × LED bulb
  • 1 × TTGo

  • The Model

    aurore.dziopa05/19/2022 at 09:07 0 comments

    In order to better illustrate our model for our presentation, we decided to create a model. The frame in itself is made of cardboard, and the rest is just part of the circuit. Of course a bigger light would have been better but it still serves it's purpose. 

  • The circuit

    aurore.dziopa05/19/2022 at 08:57 0 comments

    we know we wanted to use anArduino as it was waht was available to us and also because we already had a type of basic understanding of it before the start of this project. We started off by simply coding a LED lighting up a the press of a button. 

    Once that worked, when did some research and ordered the bluetooth extension: TTGO. This enabled us to put in the counting calculation we needed in our project. So we re-wrote our code and while connecting the device to one of our phone we checked if the code work and resolved any problems we had. one of the problems was static electricity connecting 2 of our wires and giving us false results.

  • The App

    aurore.dziopa05/05/2022 at 10:46 0 comments

    We started by using the website called unizard to created a visual representation of the app. Although it's just a visual representation it gives us an idea of how the app should be made to help the users get the most important information. We also use it to see how we can 'use up the space' in a smart way: adding traffic information on the right screen, giving the oppurtinity to turn on or off certain notification.

     Of course we need to test this prototype in order to know how we can improve it.

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