I made an impulse buy on this thermal printer because it's on sale.

The only problem is the driver that it comes with does not work on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2.

Dan at KubeSail gave me hope that at the very least this will work on the RPi 3.

I tried to see if there are any working TSPL printer with a regular CUPS install. CUPS will make it easier to share the printer on the local network and potentially on to other mobile devices through Airprint/Bonjour/Avahi.

I then found a post on some site that points to a patch to the CUPS rastertolabel filter. It only mentions the Beeprt, Munbyn and Rollo but it seems like this is a promising lead.

I need to get this patched rastertolabel onto my RPI, for that I have to compile it on my Pi.

  1. I use 32-bit Ubuntu 21.10. YMMV.
  2. Run apt get build-essential
  3. Run  git clone https://github.com/proski/cups.git

  4. Replace the rastertolabel.c with Proski's version
  5. Compile CUPS 
  6. Replace rastertolabel with the newly compiled rastertolabel
  7. Download and install the Rollo raspberrypi driver
  8. Edit /usr/share/ppd/Printer_ThermalPrinter.ppd.gz - change the raster-tpsl to rastertolabel
  9. Edit /usr/lib/cups/filter/Printer_ThermalPrinter/PPDs/Printer_ThermalPrinter.ppd -- change the raster-tpsl to rastertolabel  
  10. Restart CUPS
  11. Add your printer - pick Rollo as the make
  12. Do a test print. 
  13. On your Iphone change paper size to 4x6.