Final statement for the Hackaday 1K contest

A project log for GPS Clock

A simple desk clock that gets extremely accurate time from GPS

nick-sayerNick Sayer 01/03/2017 at 00:400 Comments

So if you grab the current source code from GitHub and enable the HACKADAY_1K and the V2 macros, here's what you get (using avr8-gnu-toolchain-darwin_x86_64):

Note that the only two numbers that matter are "text" and "data." The "bss" is uninitialized RAM allocation, and "dec" is the sum of all three. 1010+0 < 1024, QED. If you undef V2, the result is a text segment of 1018 instead of 1011 - still within the allowed range.

This assumes that you consider both the display controller and the GPS receiver module as out-of-scope. By my reckoning, they should not count, but in the end it's a matter for the judges.

This is the final result: