Liquid Magnetic Clock

Fluid ferromagnetic display.

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The project of creating a ferromagnetic display with a density of 8x18 pixels. On the basis of which the clock will be built. Basic requirements: thickness no more than 5 cm, maximum power consumption in clock mode no more than 80 watts. Remote control. The project is under development of the mechanical part.

Control boards and power board.

MagneticControl (01.10.2022 12-18-00).zip

The design of the controller board for controlling the power section. Project created in Altium Designer 20.2.7

x-zip-compressed - 1.15 MB - 10/01/2022 at 09:20


MagneticBoards (01.10.2022 12-10-52).zip

The design of the board for controlling magnets. Project created in Altium Designer 20.2.7

x-zip-compressed - 1.03 MB - 10/01/2022 at 09:13


  • 144 × 15/20mm Electromagnets 12v 0.25A 25N
  • 1 × Power supply not less than 500W
  • 1 × Custom PCBs pwm panel: 9 pieces, controll panel: 1 pieces
  • 1 × Glass tank 420mmx220mm

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