BLADE 2 is Here!


A small Portable Wind Turbine, mostly 3D printed!

adriancubasadriancubas 05/25/2022 at 16:470 Comments

I have finished the design of the new Blade that I want to use in prototype 2.

The geometry I got from the QBLADE 0.96 Software which you can download and use for free. I've attached the design and simulation file for my new Blade if you'd like to take a look. I would appreciate any suggestion.
In order to obtain the power values that I want in this new prototype and to make its performance consistent with those obtained in the BLDC generator that I presented in the previous log, I had to increase the length of the Blade Prototype 2 to approximately 435mm. Since the 3D printer I have is unable to print objects of that height, I have sectioned the Blade into two parts which must be assembled later with epoxy glue and inserts.

Kyle ( ) works for Essentium Inc ( ), an industrial grade 3D printer / materials company based in Austin, Texas and has been kind enough to print some parts of prototype 1 in the following materials:

He just sent them to me. The use of these materials, with exceptional properties, guarantee an incredible durability and resistance of this Wind Turbine.