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    Main "module" assembly

    Before getting started please find a spot to assemble the unit where you have a large flat surface and place something down on your surface to prevent a mess (the thermal compound and silicone sealant can get pretty messy.

    1. Apply thermal compound to both sides of 1 water block and place it in the center in 1 inlet/outlet end facing down.

    2. Place your Peltier modules against this water block with the "hotside" facing it (this may vary based on which peltier modules you are using, documentation out in the wild seems to vary on how to find this, but I just applied power and tested to see which side got hot.)

    3. Orient the remaining water blocks where they are on the outside with the inlet/outlet are facing the opposite direction as the center one. Apply thermal compound to the 1 side of each of the remaining water blocks that are facing the peltier modules. Have all of the wires go out in one direction (I taped the wires in pair to make it easy to later identify which wires are in series vs parallel of each module) .

    4. Compress the whole unit like a sandwich (I used rubber bands to line everything up then put small spring clamps all around to hold the whole assembly together) *Make sure you do not overclamp as it may damage the peltier modules or water blocks.

    5. Apply a liberal amount of silicone sealant around the whole assembly to seal the unit and hold everything together.

    6. Once the silicone cures, I suggest coating the whole unit in layer of silicone to help protect the whole unit.