Procedurally generated flaps. Part 2

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The OpenFlap project aims to create a open source, affordable split-flap display for the makers and tinkerers of the world.

Toon Van EyckToon Van Eyck 05/09/2022 at 11:580 Comments

As noted in the previous part. The Inkscape script wouldn't handle some characters properly. I added an extra step in the character generation process to allow for an easy method to edit the character designs.

The Inkscape script has been spilt into 2 parts "flap generation" and "flap splitting" .

A part of the result of the flap generation is shown below:

There are some clear issues with the generated characters. Additionally, the width of the "@" character is less than other characters. We can fix all these issues before calling the second part of our script.

The "repaired" character set:

No we will call the "Flap Split" extension. This will generate the individual .svg files. These individual files can be used as described in the previous part to generate the PCB production files.