Success: The new boards work!

A project log for Open Concentrating PV Solar Tracker Controller

Achieve better than 0.1° sun tracking accuracy with a compass a tilt sensor and a shading beam sun sensor.

Ruediger F. LoeckenhoffRuediger F. Loeckenhoff 12/10/2022 at 09:300 Comments

The first boards have arrived and they work! I also assembled a test board that contacts the pins of the tracker board and connects them to an Arduino Uno.

Uploading the bootloader worked well and the tracker program is also working. I need to swap some axises to make it track. Those are minor adjustments.

Furthermore I need to make a test program that tests all devices and creates a test report. This will be the last step to mass production capability.

Or to make it clear

******   S U C C E S S - We did it! ******