Log #3: 24.5.22

A project log for CHT: Compact HHO Turbine

Generating electricity in a less harmful and a more sustainable way

Prerak TimbadiyaPrerak Timbadiya 05/24/2022 at 11:520 Comments

The project has got hold of a considerable amount of views. I didn't expect any, really. But, to update the awesome people who have looked at this project, the laptop had some issues whilst downloading Windows 11, maybe I did something wrong, but now I've rolled back to Windows 10 and this is working fine. I put together some ideas on paper, but had to redo everything from the ground up if I foresaw a probable fault. I have tried to settle upon one design, but I haven't been able to. I will redo stuff in Fusion 360 and make a zero version of it, carry out some tests, improve and the best version, I will put up here. 

Have a great day!