From the Arducorder towards Iteration 8

A project log for Iteration 8

Science in your hand. A pocket-sized instrument capable of visualizing and exploring the world around you. (Iteration 8)

peter jansenpeter jansen 11/24/2016 at 07:212 Comments

It's been two years since I developed the Arducorder Mini, and I have found myself brainstorming about what a next model would look like over the past few months. It feels like it's time to work on the next iteration of my open source, handheld, pocket-sized scientific instruments -- Iteration 8.

Arducorder Mini: What went right

The Arducorder Mini was a substantial undertaking, and turned out exceptionally well -- it's personally my favorite open sensing project, and I very much enjoyed the development process, and getting to see the final product. I'd like to briefly describe what went well with the project, and what could use improvement:

Arducorder Mini: What could have used improvement

Many aspects of the project worked very well. As with all experiments, there was room for improvement:

A first roadmap for the next iteration

I've assembled a first-pass at a roadmap for building the next iteration, that hopefully embodies many of the design principles outlined above. The significant differences in design principles from the Arducorder are:

It looks like an exciting (and hopefully tractable!) project, and it'll be great to go through the design process to see how things take form as time progresses.

Thanks for reading!


    josh034 wrote 02/28/2017 at 01:17 point

    New day, new thought: Would a modular design be of benefit?  I prefer the candy bar style and no modular.  But durability would be important.  Speaking for myself,  I would want to carry it every day. 

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    josh034 wrote 02/26/2017 at 03:38 point

    Would the folding design be a more durable option?

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