Testing Pyrolysis

A project log for Solar-Pyrolysis

A solar powered biomass degrader to produce a renewable clean fuel (Hydrogen) from any biomass.

DennisDennis 04/30/2022 at 20:580 Comments

To become more familiar with pyrolysis, an experiment was performed and documented in the image below. Sticks were gathered (the biomass) and placed in the can and sealed with aluminum foil and a second larger can. The can was placed in a fire to provide the heat. When the canister heated to a high enough temperature, around 200 degrees Celsius, a gas started leaking from the bottom of the canister and burned with an orange/blue flame. The gas will be around 25% hydrogen. This process is very similar to gasification of wood, sometimes used to power internal combustion engines. After the canister cooled, the canister was opened and the sticks were biodegraded into charcoal.