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A project log for PullStruder: from plastic bottle to PET filament

Ever wanted to use plastic bottle for 3d printing ? Here is how to !

JP GleyzesJP Gleyzes 05/05/2022 at 06:590 Comments

This page is devoted to explain the price of 1kg recycled PET bottle filament

We will study the worst case : 1 small bottle producing only 5 to 6 m of filament. This is the blue one of my video !

To get these 5m we have a sequence divided into two steps

The heatband has a power of 200W (specified by the manufacturer) and this figure is consistant with the measurement done in situ. (230V * .89A = 204W)

The preheating phasis lasts 2 minutes and draws 2 * 200 /60 = 0.167 Wh of energy

The Pullstruding phasis lasts 10 minutes (for ~5 m  ribbon) and draws :

Thus the final energy required to pullstrude one 5m bottle is : 0.167 + 0.833 + 5.55 = 6.553 Wh

Now 1kg of PETG filament has a lenght of 330 m it will require 330/5 = 66 bottles and will eat 66 times more energy to be produced than a single bottle.

So the total energy will be 66 * 6.553 = 433 Wh = 0.433 kWh

Knowing that 1kWh costs 0.18€ (here in France), we get our total cost of 0.433*0.18 = 0.078 €

In conclusion producing your own filament is really a cost saving solution