reuse a poorly reused bottle!

A project log for PullStruder: from plastic bottle to PET filament

Ever wanted to use plastic bottle for 3d printing ? Here is how to !

jp-gleyzesJP Gleyzes 10/18/2022 at 14:280 Comments

It may occur that pullstruding the ribbon produces this kind of "blob"...

It is often due to a badly cut ribbon... Fortunately it doesn't occur very often.

So the first advice is to always manually slide fingers on the filament to double check its quality before printing!

But why would we throw away this poor filament ? Why not reusing it to something else ?

Nadja gave me a brilliant idea: try to use it as a grass trimmer line...

And you know what ? It works !

Ok stop kidding, it really works but the filament may be a little too small for big trimmers like my machine. It is however perfect to trim British lawns (Smooth-stalked Meadow Grass) !

So, if you want,  you can build a second hotend with bigger diameter, able to eat larger ribbon to produce stronger grass trimmer line !

Reuse recycle, revamp they said... an everlasting story