PCB's arrived !

A project log for 80's style BASIC Computer with Terminal-BASIC

This Arduino-MEGA based microcomputer has a DIY hardware terminal and runs Terminal-BASIC!

JohnJohn 08/07/2022 at 20:080 Comments

PCB's finally arrived  a couple days ago! I ordered them at:

This is the first time I ordered PCB's from them. And it was a wise choice.
The merchantise was carefully wrapped in foam plastic foil and the PCB's were nicely stacked and vacuum packed.

The quality of the PCBWay's boards is really high! All tracks, vias and pads are perfectly reproduced; I especially stress the vias because they are a very delicate kind of pcb tracks. Moreover, I know that the boards go through a continuity test at the factory, to verify that all connections work as expected.  So I had peace of mind I wouldn't need to worry about any such defect; and this is great! Before I go on with populating the board, lemme show you what the actual bare board looks like:

And this what I expected to see, according to my design (this is a preview from the CAD app):

The real thing looks exactly as it should have,  according to the Gerber files I uploaded on their web site. So, very accurate fabrication of my design.

I must also mention that the whole process of ordering from PCBWay and tracking the package was simple and swift. Boards arrived within a few days.
I definitely recommend PCBWay for quality manufacturing of your own pcb's.