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A project log for Infinity Mirror Clock

A smart infinity mirror that's also a clock

dushyant-ahujaDushyant Ahuja 08/21/2014 at 02:350 Comments

I had created a small project earlier to show android notifications on a physical device:

Unfortunately, the android code has stopped working - and now I'm looking to create a tasker plugin that can send commands over bluetooth serial. It would be able to:

1. Send missed call notifications to the infinity mirror clock - currently the code starts blinking the LEDs as soon as it receives a "MISSED" command; and goes back to normal once it receives a "MISSEDOFF" command.

2. The phone can periodically send out time information (using the TIME commad) to the clock, to keep it synchronised and counter any lags in the RTC

3. Send weather information to the clock

4. Send inspirational quotes to the clock

Suggestions welcome...