This project began as a thought experiment some years ago, and has advanced intermittently as I've had the ability to work on pieces of it.

The end goal outcome of this project is a way to set up a solar collection device that enables the heat to be used in various ways, automatically- such as for power generation, sewage treatment, water desalination, and as the basis for tools of industry requiring heat, such as casting, forging, glass blowing, and other kinds of high heat applications.

The basic principle is that the solar collector is set on an axl that is approximately parallel to the axis of earths spin: adjustments made from this point can be minimal, and an automatic system that has this axle to turn requires only a single motor for this. further, the lens collects but does not redirect the sunlight, so a mirror to bounce the light to a desired location makes a very big difference in usability, at a minor cost to performance (the more lenses and mirrors you use, the less actual sun energy you get at the end of it).

This project exists in parallel and is intended to interface with other projects, such as one of Biogas generation, and a separate project to build steam turbines and power generators that run on them.  Although "generating steam for steam power" is part of the intended goals of this project, "new types of generators" is beyond the scope of it, and the intent is to generate steam that can be used as normal power in existing facilities with minimal adaptation; however since the sun is only available in half of a day, a system to power a home at night might also need to run on a biogas boiler to generate power.