Valkyrie High Temp 3d-Printer

A Premium DIY High-Temp 3d Printer

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Opensource Premium High Temp DIY FDM 3d-Printer designed by engineering professionals with advanced kinematics for optimal performance and fully automated true bed leveling plus insulated printing chamber and heated integrated drybox for the option to print high temperature materials

Specifications for Designed Size

  • Frame footprint – 500X520X750
  • Print volume – 310X310X300
  • Weight ~45Kg
  • Option to print high-temp materials 300+

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Valkyrie Main Features

  • Advanced Kinematics with independent triple Z axis
    • Fully automated bed leveling
    • Inverted CoreXY for minimal friction
    • XUV Triple Z True Bed Leveling with Maxwell Coupling Criteria
    • Stall-detection homing on all 2+3 – XY+ZUV axis
    • Light tool-head riding on carbon X with MGN9h
    • ABZUV stepper motors all located in the cold zone
  • Temperature Controlled Heated Chamber <80C
    • Engineered insulation options for high level of safety and minimal thermal loss
    • High end ACM Outer Paneling
    • Double glazed window for inside viewing and good insulation
  • Integrated Temperature Controlled Heated Dry-box
    • Filament weight control by load-cell
    • Dry-box temp control <70C
    • Dry-box humidity sensor
  • Advanced Firmware add-ons
    • Chamber temp controls and display
    • Dry-box temp control and display
    • Dry-box humidity display
    • Filament weight display
    • Extruder motor temp sensor and display
  • Water-cooled hotend
    • Option to water-cool extruder stepper motor

General Requirements

Product Choice

The aim is to develop a Premium DIY FDM 3d printer for the DIY 3d printer community

  • Safety features must be very high
  • Fully automated bed leveling
  • Engineered advanced Z lift with kinematic coupling
  • Integrated dry-box filament container
  • We want to be able to print high temp materials
  • The project will be open source
  • Size should be scalable < 500
  • Standard alu profiles. 2040 or 3030
  • Belted Z drive
  • Advanced Firmware options
  • Enclosed chamber with engineered insulation for <80C Chamber temp

Function Choices

The machine should have all the functions needed for a trouble-free user experience. The goal is to implement all basic functions plus any feature that is making an advanced high temp premium 3d printer


  • Ratrig V-Core 3
  • Hevort
  • Voron
  • BLV MGN Cube
  • VZBot

The Development Team

Roy Berntsen – Norway – Lead Engineering Designer

Mark Bridgewater – New Zealand – Mechatronics Design

Cris Lombardi – USA – Firmware, Design and Advanced features

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