Here comes 3.0!

A project log for All-In-One Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

More sensitive to gamma radiation than a Geiger counter with the added bonus of telling exactly what's inside your samples!

nuclearphoenixNuclearPhoenix 04/11/2023 at 20:560 Comments

Finally, the newest hardware revision of the Open Gamma Detector is ready! All the testing and most of the work is done now, so here you have it. I'm so excited to share all the things that I improved with you.

Long story short, here is the (complete) list of changes between 3.0 and 2.x:

It's really hard to remember and write down all the changes that I did in the last couple of months, so if I forgot something, I'll add it to the list, don't worry! ;-)

As you can see the focus really has been on the versatility, ease-of-use and also on the performance (energy resolution) and I think these changes all speak for themselves. It's a large step forward in the right direction, without having to increase the total parts cost much at all, even in the current time.

Here is a really quick spectrum to give you an idea on the improved energy resolution, although I have posted it a couple times now already:

30 minute spectrum of Lu-176

As always, fully assembled boards will be available on my Tindie store (linked on the project page or on GitHub), as well as the Makerfabs store. I had to increase the price by USD 5 unfortunately, that mostly goes to covering all the fees on Tindie and PayPal and a small fraction also goes to a slightly higher production cost.

You are as always encouraged to build a device on your own, remix the design or whatever you can think of! Buying assembled boards from my store saves you some time soldering all the parts and at the same time you support me with the purchase, I really appreciate it!

In addition to this, I will be releasing the newest revision of the Mini SiD with much improved performance there as well in the next couple of days, stay tuned and have a nice day!