PCB Updated to V2.0

A project log for DIY Solar Bottle Lamp

Solar Bottle Lamp is a solar-powered light that is constructed from waste plastic bottles. The design idea is to reuse waste plastic bottles

open-green-energyOpen Green Energy 07/14/2022 at 04:310 Comments

I have designed a new PCB as per the schematic V2.0. There are two different PCBs

1. Main Board

2. LED Board 

Main PCB Board: 

The main PCB includes all the circuits for charging the battery, LED driver, and battery protection. I have used all the SMD components with the 0805 packages ( except the LED current limiting resistors R7, R8, and R9 which are 1206 packages) so that they can easily be hand soldered. 

LED PCB Board:

The LED PCB board only uses the 0.5W SMD LED ( 2835 package ).

Update 02.08.2022

 PCB Arrived : 

I ordered the PCB from PCBWay, the PCB arrived within 7 days. The PCB quality is really awesome. 

Following are the images of assembled PCB.