Enclosure Printed in SLA 3D Printer

A project log for DIY Solar Bottle Lamp

Solar Bottle Lamp is a solar-powered light that is constructed from waste plastic bottles. The design idea is to reuse waste plastic bottles

open-green-energyOpen Green Energy 09/25/2022 at 10:480 Comments

In my earlier project log, I shared the latest design for the Solar Bottle Lamp. Initially, I thought to print the design with my own 3D printer, but later I realized that I will never get a realistic commercial-grade product look if I print the parts with my own printer. Meanwhile, I got access to a nearby SLA printing shop and finally, I printed 3  prototypes.

The outcome of the SLA printed parts is super smooth which is far better than my conventional FDM printer parts. I have printed the parts with white color material and then, spraypaint them with green and white color. You can see the final outcome of the different parts.

Bottom Cover:

Top Cover:

Making Semi-Transparent Parts:

The surface is sanded using fine sandpaper, then polished with a polishing compound. This results in the clearest surface possible but it is very time-consuming and only possible on surfaces that can be sanded easily. The LED diffuser needs a lot of sanding to get the semi-transparent look, you can see the below picture.


Button Cap:

Bulb Attachment: 

This part is an optional part, I just printed it to check how it works with the original lamp design. I can say it looks far better than what I have expected earlier.

Rubber Parts:

In my designs, two parts are made of TPU, and I have struggled a lot to make these two parts. After a long time search, one vendor made it for me. But the outcome is not satisfactory. I think when I give mass order, maybe get good quality parts.