Stuff has arrived!

A project log for Open source Solar system

A project to make a solar power system

corsixCorsix 05/24/2022 at 14:040 Comments

Now most parts have arrived. Still waiting on some things but now I have gotten my hands on the more important parts so I can start experimenting. 

I did now though noticed that I have forgotten to buy some important parts for hooking it all up together. More specifically the MC4 Connectors for the solar panel and corresponding cable for it hehe. But no worries, I will just order some. While I'm at it I might order some more interesting sensors for a weather station and some other equipment for IoT. 

The solar pannels are much bigger then one expects haha, I diden't have a banana for scale but i did have a tomato. But damn, isn't the panel beautiful, also got that sweet matt black finish on the sides!