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Tiny autonomous yacht

kwikiuskwikius 05/04/2022 at 22:180 Comments

Work in progress on the (1st) sailing version. I bought a  2nd hand RC model yacht and unfortunately after inspecting inside the hull taking it sailing in a bit of wind,  , there was a lot of water in it. On looking at the keel which was made from 3mm metal plate, I could see a hairline crack along it both side where it joined the hull. Unfortunately access to the boat was very restricted to see what it looked like inside. There was a hatch in the deck under the headsail which had been glued down. On removing it I found the front of the boat had been stuffed with bubblewrap! . On removing that I saw a large fillet of car body putty along the keel hull joint which was probably an attempt at repairing the keel hull joint , probably by poking fingers or something down the forward hatch. So I decided to cut off the deck to get at the keel to remove the large fillet of putty obscuring the joint, which ultimately also meant chopping out the keel and the mast tube, which was attached to the front of the keel. Satisfying result though I could have just bought a kit!Anyway keel removed, I decided to add a keel box so that the keel could be removed in future.  Made some rough mouldings of the top of the keel.
Next task is to join the halves and  fit that assembly into the hull.