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Tiny autonomous yacht

kwikiuskwikius 05/11/2022 at 09:320 Comments

Keelbox done for autonomous yacht. Not too pretty but feels quite sturdy.

It may seem a faff to fit a detachable keel, but being able to remove the keel makes it much more convenient to work on the boat on the bench, as well as making it easier to transport, so saving time in the long run I hope. 

Next task is to fit a mast box to allow the fore and aft position of the mast to be adjustable. This allows to adjust the balance of the rig to correct " lee helm", where the boat tends to turn away from the wind or " weather helm" , where the boat tends to steer towards the wind,  and also allows to balance the boat with different rig sizes, types and  styles. The mast box is just a rectangular box securely glued in place in the boat, into which you can fit a "cassette" holding the particular mast step for the rig you are using.