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Over the years we have deforested vast amount of our worlds forest, I would like to replace cardboard completely from the shipping industry

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We can use plastics of all kind to create a shipping container, a box made of recycled plastics that can be folded, made in common cardboard size shipping boxes with an inflatable inner lining which is also made of plastic that when expanded it can protect the item being shipped and somewhere in this container an rfid chip can be attached for parcel tracking.
We can alleviate our impact on the planet by taking the trees out of the shipping infrastructure deforestation leads to erosion which leads to global warming which leads to permafrost melting which leads to methane released into the atmosphere which contributes to global warming. I would like to for this shipping conrtainer to be wholly made in Lignin-based polymer composites which are biodegradeable. I think the implementation of this can result in a major global inpact and benefit to future generations.

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