Janktop 4.1 Nearly finished!

A project log for Janktop IV Mini-ITX Laptop (4.1 Coming soon)

An Open-source MINI-ITX laptop with full desktop GPU, CPU motherboard and RAM, as well as custom watercooling.

slightlylessstripeysnakeslightlylessstripeysnake 02/12/2023 at 17:341 Comment

While the custom display assembly will be coming at a later date, I've pretty much finished designing a major revision to the janktop design with improved cooling, durability, ergonomics, aesthetics, and general functionality. Some major changes include:

Rotating the gpu slot 90 degrees to now only really support waterblocked GPUs

Much more internal space for cable management, as well as some basic stuff to ziptie cables to

Switch over from 40mm triple rads to 60mm dual radiators, which offer better surface area and fan CFM at a significantly lower price.

A new alternate configuration for the left side vents which removes one of the two radiators, but allows you to slot up to a 340mm dual slot gpu, ideally with a blower configuration. (blower 4090 would fit)

General design and space improvements. 

The reason I'm not yet releasing the design is both myself and a friend of mine plan to build the updated design in coming months, and I'll probably make some small improvements to the design after that.


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