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In this project, we will teach you making a car turning flasher circuit. This is a very simple and useful electronics project circuit. To make this circuit, we are using LED (5mm), Transistor (BD-139), Resistors, Capacitors and only DC-12v power supply circuit. We don’t use any power switch/ signal switch. To make a perfect car turning flasher circuit, we might need to use two-way switching system.

Component List –

For making this useful project circuit, we might need some simple electronics component. You also can order assembled PCBs form JLCPCB. JLCPCB have its parts library. To check JLCPCB parts library, click here -

All Component list have to been given below –

  1. Transistor – BD 139
  2. Capacitor – 47µf / 25v
  3. Resistors – 10 KΩ
  4. LED – 5mm
  5. Power Source – DC 12v
  6. PCBs (made by JLCPCB)

Transistor Pin Out -

The BD-139 is an NPN complementary low voltage NPN transistor in 3 pin SOT-32 package. Products are pre-selected in DC current gain. Collector to emitter voltage (Vce) is 80v and collector current (IC) is 15A. We know the transistor have 3 legs.

If we count its leg from left side then 1st leg Emitter, 2nd leg Collector and 3rd leg Base.

Feature -

✔ Strobe lights and SoS signal circuits

✔ Car light indicators

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✔ Turning indicator circuits for vehicles and cycles

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Circuit Connection -

To make this led flasher circuit, we are using transistor. 1st we connect, one transistor emitter leg with other transistor emitter leg. Now we need to connect other component with the circuit.

Then, we connect 10 KΩ resistors with led flasher circuit. We connect this resistor one side empty terminal. Then we need to connect, other two resistor empty terminal with Base leg of transistor.

To flash in a rhythm, we are using 47µf/ 25v capacitor. We connect one capacitor positive leg with one transistor Collector leg and connect capacitor negative leg with other transistor Base leg. In the same way, we connect another capacitor positive leg with another transistor Collector leg and connect capacitor negative leg with other transistor Base leg. 

Since, it’s a led flasher circuit, for that we might need led light. For better effect, we are using two different color led light. We can use maximum 24 pieces leg light to make this flasher light. 1st we make a series connection, so that the light can operate using DC-12v power supply. Then we connect two color led light positive leg with common leg of 10k resistor. Now we connect, this two difference color led negative leg with Collector leg of two different transistors.

To operate this led flasher circuit, we might need power source. We know that, for power source we are using DC-12v power supply. We connect this power supply positive cable with positive leg of LED light and connect DC-12v negative cable with Emitter leg of transistor.

It’s the time to soldering and cut-off all extra leg of electronics component. Now we solder all component leg carefully and to make sure we need to check all of them for several times. We also remember that, there should not be any kind of short circuit connection. For perfect inquiry, we should use liquid PCB cleaner to wash PCBs.

Our circuit is now completely ready for use. Now just plug-in power and enjoy the awesome effect of this led light circuit. For better result, you can use this circuit, in a dark place.

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