Nixie Clock.

A nixie clock with a difference.
The Father Of Time.
Original airbrushed artwork.

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After spending almost two years on and off building The Time Bandit Clock, I decided the next project would be quicker to complete.
I wanted another original one off piece.
So I set about converting a 1950's wooden mantle clock.
I decided on painting a design on the clock rather than restoring the original wood.
And the Father Of Time was the result.
Not a technically challenging project.
With the help of a wonderfully talented air brush artist this is the result.
It gets great reactions from everyone that sees it.
Take a look at the video here.

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oliviadevid143 wrote 04/02/2023 at 18:01 point


The Father of Time clock sounds like a fantastic project! It's great that you were able to take an older, outdated item and turn it into something new and original. I love that you chose to paint a design on the clock rather than restoring the original wood - it gives the clock a unique personality that can't be found in any other piece.

It's also wonderful to hear that you were able to collaborate with a talented air brush artist to bring your vision to life. Working with other creatives can be such a rewarding experience, and the end result is often even better than what you originally envisioned.

It's no surprise that the clock gets great reactions from everyone who sees it - I can only imagine how striking and eye-catching it must be. I hope you continue to find joy in creating unique and original pieces like the Father of Time clock!

Best regards

Olivia Devid

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