The materials to test

A project log for 3D printing in wood

Using wood waste to create 3D prints

yvo-de-haasYvo de Haas 05/19/2022 at 16:330 Comments

In my research I have looked at many materials which might help me achieve my goal to print bio degradable wood. I have bought several of these materials to test with. Below I will list all of the materials, and make remarks on some of the properties. Unless otherwise found, a material is assumed to be renewable and biodegradable if it is a natural product that is only lightly refined.

Below a list of the materials I will be testing with to get 3D prints out of wood.

I am of course open to any suggestion of materials which might have potential, so if anyone has an idea I am all ears.

Bulk powder

For the bulk powder I am using fine Beech wood powder. I got mine from a Dutch supplier called Bemap ( who sent me a batch. The Batch I got is sieved to 0.05mm. With expected layers of 0.1mm, I wanted smaller grains than that.

Powdered binder

For the powder binder I have a few materials I want to try.

Liquid binder

Some additions to the binder will also be tried. These are materials which might be printed through a TIJ printhead and solidify. These include:

Post processing

After a part is bound and cleaned, it still needs post processing to get the part to its final strength. For this a few materials will be tested.

Waxes and lacquers are turned to liquid either by dissolving into a liquid, or by simple heat. After the part has been infiltrated with the wax or lacquer, it solidifies and the part should be usable.

On the other side are thermosetting materials. These will harden once, and then will no longer melt when heated, instead burning.