1. Introduction

A project log for Robotic Arm for Electronic Workshop

Collaborative Robotic Arm with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Used as Assistant in an Electronic Workshop by Voice Commands

Guillermo Perez GuillenGuillermo Perez Guillen 05/12/2022 at 03:290 Comments

A cobot, or collaborative robot, is a robot intended for direct human robot interaction within a shared space, or where humans and robots are in close proximity. Cobot applications contrast with traditional industrial robot applications in which robots are isolated from human contact. Cobot safety may rely on lightweight construction materials, rounded edges, and inherent limitation of speed and force, or on sensors and software that ensures safe behavior.

Cobots can have many uses, from information robots in public spaces, logistics robots that transport materials within a building, to industrial robots that help automate unergonomic tasks such as helping people moving heavy parts, or machine feeding or assembly operations.

In my case, the innovation consists of developing a collaborative robot for home use that helps me in my tasks of extracting electronic components from unusable PCB boards. By this method I have managed to recover chips, transistors, and diodes as shown in the image below.

I have also recovered electrolytic and ceramic capacitors.

Even a few hundred resistors and potentiometers of different values and types.