A series of trends in controllers for competitive fighting games have led to the popularity of low-profile, all-button (aka "stickless" or "Hit Box-style") controllers using mechanical keyboard switches. The vanguard here includes the MPress and the Snack Box Micro. However, there are a few issues with the available offerings. The only commercial options with support for PS4 — the de facto standard tournament platform for the fighting game community (FGC) — are only sold in the US, making them especially expensive for players elsewhere in the world. DIY offerings typically require 3D-printed chassis, which typically require a harsh tradeoff between expense and aesthetics (not to mention durability), and struggle to provide PS4 compatibility due to Sony's authentication system for controllers.

Thus, having recently become frustrated with the weight and bulk of my very high-quality Blunderbuss controller, I decided to design a DIY solution for such low-profile controllers, that would support commercial PS4 encoders ("PCBs" in FGC lingo). I aim to design something that uses off-the-shelf parts where possible, and laser-cut panels wherever necessary, thus making the controller viable and affordable to build anywhere in the world.

I am making customisation a big focus. I want a builder to be able to adapt the design to their needs without requiring much technical skill with e.g. CAD software.