Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino UNO or MEGA I used an Arduino UNO but a MEGA would be even better
1 × CRT Television Preferably one that is small, Mine was 5 inches and I got it off etsy. Ebay is also a great place to look.
2 × SoftPot Membrane Potentiometers I got the 200mm from sparkfun.com. These will be the strings
1 × Video RCA Cord or Adapter You can cut one up and solder it or get an adapter that connects to jumper wires
1 × Ukulele Neck You can also use guitar neck or just 3d print one
1 × 470 ohm Resistor For the Video Output
1 × 1k ohm Resistor Also for Video Output
2 × 10k ohm Resistor For the Softpots