• Concept

    Connor Huffine05/15/2022 at 19:57 0 comments

    The fans can be tested by measuring airflow through an unobstructed tunnel, and measuring pressure in a fully obstructed tunnel. As a stretch objective, testing multiple levels of obstruction would allow the generation of a complete flow vs pressure chart.

    I will create a test tunnel using a PVC pipe with a fitment for fans at one end and a gat at the other.

    To measure the flow, I will use a couple of approaches and compare results;

    • Anemometer placed at intake of tunnel
    • Ram/Static annubar inside the test segment
      • Manometer for differential pressure is on order
      • This setup will also be used for static pressure testing, with one line switched to ambient pressure

    Flow restriction will use a blast gate for open/shut functionality. Variable restriction is still undetermined: I could use a 3D printed iris mechanism, or something COTS.

    Noise measurement will be accomplished with a acoustic dB meter, since my lab does not (currently) house an anechoic chamber, these values will be approximate and subject to a fairly high noise floor. I don't expect to be able to measure a noctua-grade noise level in my lab.

    Fans will be driven with a generic amazon fan driver board. Future development of a dedicated driver with a teensy, fan controller and the ability to monitor fan speed vs pressure would be a good development. 

    What to do with the resulting data is also unknown. If there is community interest, results could be shared via a public-accessible google sheets, or a dedicated webpage. 

    Nearly all of the parts I need are commodity or simple 3D print designs, I expect quick progress with construction.