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middleMan is a development tool intended to significantly reduce wasted time for developers and hackers. It acts as a 'protocol translator'. Data can come through one of many common communication methods, including wifi, bluetooth, low cost Nordic devices and various wired comms, and then is pushed out through one or more alternative mediums.

Got an arduino board with bluetooth and a wifi tablet? lets make them talk. How about reading data from an I2C breakout board with your phone? lets do this in minutes.. not hours.

Wifi and Bluetooth are obvious choices given the massive amount of devices that use these. In addition, an NRF24L01+ radio will be included. These chips are incredible low cost and easy to include for low power projects. We are also intending to include wired comms such as USART, SPI, I2C etc. The project will include a method for simple configuration of input/output methods, along with libraries for users to roll their own firmware for more specific tasks.

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