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A project log for Dot flippers

or "flip dotters" if you want. Let's just talk about flip-dot/flip-disc displays and projects using them :-)

Yann Guidon / YGDESYann Guidon / YGDES 12/09/2016 at 23:462 Comments

Good news, european fellows : the magic of eBay has struck again :-D Look at these beauties:

Like the previously seen LUMINATOR arrays, they are 28 dots wide, but 19 dots high instead of 16. That's why I took the display with the three broken dots : it's cheaper and I don't need the bottom 2 rows. That's 17 lines and I can still show the parity bits :-)

OK I also ordered the pristine one. But the seller still has other modules for sale at the time of writing (the 2 last links). Watch the seller in case more became available...

The shots of the back show the pairs of steering diodes and the matrix is very simple so I expect no surprise. I can un-socket the IC and do my things...

Unlike the LUMNATOR the PCB doesn't implement the magnetic coil, so I'm curious.

Ô the things I could do with them... ;-)


SHAOS wrote 12/10/2016 at 02:43 point

> (this one is still for sale)

not anymore ;)

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Yann Guidon / YGDES wrote 12/10/2016 at 02:46 point

damnit ! bad copy-paste, sorry...

I have seen 2 arrays still for sale, I must update the log...

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