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The project is about making a Bluetooth sound speaker circuit. This circuit will pair directly with a device such as a phone or laptop. Bluetooth works using short-range radio waves, for this process the circuit don’t need any internet connection.

This means that, Bluetooth will work anywhere with two compatible devices. For this you don’t need to turn on Bluetooth all time. When you need to connect with speaker through Bluetooth, just then turn on Bluetooth and connect to your compatible devices.

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All Component list have to been given below –

Component List –

• Sound IC – TDA 2616

• Mylar Film Capacitor – 2A 104J

• Resistors – 2.2 Ω

• Speaker *2

• Power Source – Dual power supply

• Bluetooth devices

• Voltage Regulator – 7805

• Capacitor - 100µf/ 16v



• Equalization




• Bass and treble controls

• Mediocre sound quality

Circuit Connection – Step 1

To make this Bluetooth sound speaker, 1st we need to make a amplifier circuit. To make this amplifier circuit, we are using TDA – 2616 sound IC. It is a stereo sound IC, that can make high quality sound.

1st We Connect 3 & 8 No Leg Of Sound IC 

Then we connect Mylar Film Capacitor with 1, 3, 8 and 9 no leg of sound IC. Then we connect 2.2 Ω resistor with the circuit. We connect this resistor with 4 and 6 no leg of sound IC and connect it’s other terminal with empty leg of Mylar Film Capacitor that is connected with 3 and 8 no leg of sound IC.

Circuit Connection – Step 2

Now we need to connect power supply and audio input cable and sound speaker with the amplifier circuit. To operate this amplifier circuit, we need dual power supply circuit.

Dual Power Supply Will Provide Us DC “+20v”,” +40v” And “G” Voltage.

Now, We Connect Power Supply With The Amplifier Circuit. Connect “DC +40v” With 7no Leg Of Sound IC, “DC +20” With 5no Leg Of Sound IC & “G” Voltage With 8no Leg Of Sound IC.

Circuit Connection – Step 3

Since we want to make this amplifier circuit, as a Bluetooth sound speaker, for this we need to connect a Bluetooth devices with this amplifier circuit.

Bluetooth device can be operated using only DC-5v. For this we need to use a voltage regulator IC-7805 and to filter the voltage, we use a electrolyte capacitor.

Circuit Connection – Step 4

After complete power connection of Bluetooth device, then we connect audio input cable with the Bluetooth device. Now connect audio input cable other terminal with the amplifier circuit.

We connect it’s “L” cable with Mylar Film Capacitor, that is connected with 1 no leg of sound IC. Now we connect “R” cable with Mylar Film Capacitor, that is connected with 9 no leg of sound IC and “G” cable with 8 no leg of sound IC.

Circuit Connection – Step 5

Since it is a stereo amplifier circuit, for this we need to use 2 pieces sound speaker. We connect speaker cable with the circuit. Connect “r” side speaker cable with 6no & 8no leg of sound IC.

And connect “l” side speaker cable with 4no & 8no...

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