Deployment Mechanism 4 - The Thrill of Victory

A project log for Feline Sustenance Amplifier

A Steampunk Cat Feeder

Joseph MarlinJoseph Marlin 05/30/2022 at 18:450 Comments

With no jams, highly reliable feed deployment, and simple geometry, I'm proud to present after four iterations, the feed mechanism for the Feline Sustenance Amplifier!

Notice the much higher baffle, resulting in far better access to the wheel from the feed chute. Also notice the entire chute has moved laterally much closer to the wheel. 

After extensive tests, no jams occurred, and food moved consistently and smoothly through the deployment assembly.

What's next? I don't know. I'm so excited to finally have this working I haven't thought much about it. 

I think next steps will be: 

  1. Modeling the motor
  2. Creating a motor mounting scheme that allows access to both sides (unlike this one)
  3. Getting two feed wheels going at the same time. 

Looking further ahead, other things that need doing:

  1. Determining how to design some nice steampunky big gears
  2. Determining what kind of pipes I want to use for aesthetics
  3. Designing artistic design which manage to capture the inspiring melding of steampunk and art-deco so effectively used in Arcane.