Two halves make a whole

A project log for Feline Sustenance Amplifier

A Steampunk Cat Feeder

Joseph MarlinJoseph Marlin 06/11/2022 at 21:550 Comments

A coworker pointed out that McMaster Carr has CAD downloadable for many fasteners and other items. Armed with this time, I grabbed a STEP file for an M4-0.7 6mm socket head screw in blazing speed. 

Otherwise, not much to report. I have mirrored over all the components on the left side of the feeder to the right side, and will now be working on connecting both halves to a shared hopper. 

After the hopper is designed, I'll be adding some pipes to provide primary structure, and a few gears that turn with the feed wheels for aesthetics. Then it will be time to move from mechanical to electrical. 


  1. Shared hopper
  2. Pipe primary structure
  3. Gear aesthetics
  4. Shift to electrical work