1 Million Bottle Cap 3D Printer

Large Pellet Extruder 3D Printer - Prints with Shredded Bottle Caps

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Our goal is to make a 3D printer, and to show the world what can be made with 1 bottle cap, 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 and 1 million recycled and shredded bottle caps. Plastic soda bottle cap weights vary. We estimate 2 grams per cap. We have printed Christmas tree ornaments directly with the shredded bottle cap material so far. We have printed kids' step stools, chairs, and sleds with PLA.

This project addresses the plastic waste challenge. There is an abundance of plastic waste in the world, and much of it becomes trash or litter. This alleviates the plastic waste problem because the printer makes products and parts directly with plastic waste.

Inspired by #TeamSeas and Precious Plastic. NASA HeroX Waste to Base Materials Challenge Winner.

The number of bottle caps below corresponds with products which can be made with said number of shredded bottle caps. 

1 bottle cap (2g) = keychain

10 bottle caps (20g) = Christmas tree ornament (prototypes already created)
100 bottle caps (200g) = small plant pot or vase
1,000 bottle caps (2kg) = step stool or sled (prototypes already created)
10,000 bottle caps (20kg) = chair (kids' sized chair prototype already created)
100,000 bottle caps (200kg) = small boat (kayak, canoe, or dinghy)

1,000,000 bottle caps (2,000kg) = 30' long boat capable of trans-oceanic crossings to help #teamseas

3D Printed Kid's Chair Video Below:

NASA HeroX Waste to Base Materials Challenge Video Below:

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